Table of Contents

Submitted by ludd on December 29, 2010

Talking Heads
introduction, by michael botkin & collective

from our readers

Excerpts From Europe
travelogue by zoe noe

Journey to the Land of "F"
tale of traveling toil by club med-o

Violence Processing: Fighting Words and South Africa
travel toil by william brummer

The First-Hand Look, and other perceptual problems...
tale of traveling toil by chris carlsson

Pranks R Us
the billboard liberation front manual

by peter bates

The Hot One
smoldering fiction by chaz bufe

Just Two Precious Weeks?!!
analysis by primitivo morales

analysis by primitivo morales

A Nine-Candle Evening
poem by josiah r. leet

Reflections of an Immigrant
by malgorzata g.

The Right To Be Lazy
book review by primitivo morales

by adam cornford, john j. soldo, janice king, adam quest, christopher hershey, christopher r. barnes, jim dewitt, richard wilmarth & glenn caley bachmann

The Occult Revival
fiction by don webb

Travailler Deux Heures Par Jour (To Work 2 Hours A Day)
reviewed & translated by frog

Six Kinds of Darkness
excerpted fiction by john shirley