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Talking Heads

From our readers

The Rise of the Six Month Worker
Essay about temporary office work by Lucius Cabins

Career Opportunities: Gidget Goes Binary
Photo-novella featuring puking Gidget Didget.

Raises, Rights, Respect ... Alienation
SEIU, graphs, and heaps of analysis by Lucius Cabins

Computer Workers Strike in England;
Stanford Office Workers Reject Union;
Post-Mortem on the Blue Shield Strike;
Labor Theory of Value?

Office Workers' Olympics
Erasure from the olden days when megabyte still meant "a lot."

Processing Future Processors
You go to school???!!! Essay by Mel Testa

Psalm of the Anger
Don't you want your childrens' bodies to grow thick black fur?

Band-Aids & Escape Valves
Essay on corporate management by Helen Highwater

If blacktop were bullshit. . . Fiction by Chris Winks