Thatʹs Funny, You Donʹt Look Anti‐Semitic - Steve Cohen

An anti-racist analysis of left anti-semitism, originally written in 1984. Available online ( and as a pdf (see below).

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Chapter 1: The Socialism of Fools
Anti-Semitism - Anti-Semitism without Jews - Left Anti-Semitism - Socialism, Anti-Semitism, Thatcherism and Fascism

Chapter 2: The Anti-Semitism of English Socialism"s Formative Years
Background - Immigration Controls - English and Jewish Opposition to Controls - Rich Jew, Poor Jew: The Conspiracy Theory in Practice - Anti-Alienism or Anti-Semitism - Imperialism and History - Fascists Reclaim History

Chapter 3: The Left returns to Zion
The Left Organisations - The Issues - Zionism and the Theory of World Domination - Equating Zionism With Imperialism: Anti-Zionism Without Zion - The Collective Guilt Of All Jews For Zionism - The Lebanon Invasion - Zionism's Dominant Position Within Jewry - The Distortion Of The Jewish Predicament - The Alternative to Zionism

Chapter 4: The Left's Advice to Jews—Assimilate and Stop Being Jewish
Assimilationism - Left Orthodoxy - Assimilation as an Answer to Anti-Semitism - Jewish Survival Through Anti-Semitism - Determinism and Fatalism - Are the Jews a People-Class? - Marx the Assimilated Jew - Jewish self-organization - Assimilation and the Jewish establishment - Chauvinism or anti-semitism? - Jewish behaviour seen as responsible for anti-semitism - The politics of terminology

Chapter 5: Left Responses
'Jews exaggerate their predicament' - 'There are Jews on the Left' - 'Criticisms of Left anti-semitism plays into the hands of anti-communists' - 'Anti-semitism is a series of "mistakes"'

Chapter 6: How The Left Does Not Fight Anti-Semitism
Left modesty - Complicity in anti-semitism - Denying the significance of the material consequences of anti-semitism - Denying the significance of anti-semitism as an ideology

Chapter 7: The Non-Jewish Question


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