Dalston Theatre occupied

Dalston Theatre, formerly the Four Aces Nightclub has been occupied by local residents to prevent its demolition today.

Submitted by Steven. on February 20, 2006

The occupiers have issued the following statement:

This morning (Monday 20th February) supporters of the campaign against council sell offs on Dalston Lane and Broadway Market in Hackney occupied Dalston Theatre (formerly The Four Aces) and two adjacent houses on Dalston Lane.

The council have scheduled the building for demolition and this occupation is in protest against the council's continuing policy of selling off properties to developers, selling out long term tenants, and privatising community resources.

Occupiers are currently holding the building against the council and police, and they urgently need support. The council have entered part of the building and are debating what to do next. We have control of the building (and the roof!) and are not planning to give it back until the council agrees to stop the demolition.

Please come down and show your support for the occupation as soon as you can!!!

Address: Dalston Theatre, 4-14 Dalston Lane, near Dalston Junction (off Kingsland Road).

For more info contact: 07939 333 465

from: http://34broadwaymarket.omweb.org/

OPEN Dalston: http://opendalston.blogspot.com/