India Toyota: 1,000 return to work

Bangalore: Over 1,000 employees affiliated to the Toyota Kirloskar Motor Union today resumed work after tendering a modified version of the 'good conduct declaration' prepared by the management.

Submitted by Steven. on January 24, 2006

The tussle between the management and union over the issue of signing an undertaking was resolved this morning, with the management agreeing to unions proposal of dropping certain references to the `lockout in the undertaking.

At the general body meeting yesterday, the union decided that its members would report to work, albeit without signing any declaration, insisted upon by the management.

"The union had objected to references in the undertaking terming the strike illegal and of taking punitive actions in case of any incident," a union leader said. |Read more Finance news.|

"We spoke to the management and suggested a change in the format of the undertaking, to which they agreed, following which the workers today resumed duty," he said.

According to A R Shankar, General Manager, Corporate Planning, TKM, "we have deleted references to the lockout, to which the union objected. But the five basic clauses relating to maintaining discipline, following instructions, abiding by the standing orders, obeying safety rules remain unchanged in the undertaking."

"We are happy to see our members back to work. We look forward to resuming normal production," he said.

Meanwhile, Meenakshi Sundaram, general secretary of the city district committee of CITU, said the "struggle would go on. But it would take different forms. Our demand to lift the suspension order on 27 employees issued during the strike in addition to 12 earlier cases would continue."