Tube workers vote for further strikes

Following a vote 6-1 in favour of industrial action on Thursday, the RMT union has announced two 24 hour strikes, on the 21st February and 2nd March.

Submitted by Steven. on February 9, 2006

This action will be co-ordinated with ASLEF, whose members voted for the same action in a separate ballot today.

Workers backed action over issues that include policy on signals passed at danger (Spads), health and safety, bargaining arrangements, harassment, discipline, denial of representation rights and imposition of excessive punishments.

A separate ballot for strike action is also taking place among a further 5,000 RMT members on London Underground involving all other grades, which will close on February 23, over the company's failure to resolve a wide range of industrial-relations issues.

"For all its fine talk about industrial relations, LUL is ignoring its own procedures and trying to impose changes and bypass its established negotiating machinery," Bob Crow said.

"After months of trying to stop these attacks it has become clear that the only path left open to us is to ballot our entire Tube membership for industrial action, and we have given London Underground notice to that effect."

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