A call for an international campaign against concentration camps in Russia

A call for an international campaign against concentration camps in Russia

It is by now obvious that Russia is drowning ever-more deeply within a
swamp of fascist dictatorship. Riding the wave of xenophobic hysteria
which has flared up prior to the Moscow mayoral elections, a true
concentration camp for migrants has been opened. It is being filled
through an all-out hunt for ‘non-Europeans’ conducted on the streets of

Human rights defenders and journalists who have visited the camps
testify that foreign citizens are being held in torturous conditions.
Many of them live and work legally in Russia and their detention is
illegal even from the standpoint of bourgeois justice. Amongst the
thousands of people detained in the concentration camps are refugees who
are threatened with political persecution and even a death sentence in
their home countries. The Federal Migration Service of the Russian
Federation has announced that it is planning to open 83 similar camps
for “illegal migrants” throughout the country.

Russian anarchists call on all people who are not indifferent to human
misery to undertake solidarity actions between 29th August and 3rd
September. We are demanding an end to openly racist politics like those
practiced by the Russian authorities, liquidation of concentration camps
and the abolition of all legal barriers to employment for workers in Russia.

No one is illegal! Our motherland is the humanity as a whole!


(Call in Russian:

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