Deliveroo drivers on wildcat strike

Deliveroo drivers on wildcat strike

Workers for the takeaway delivery firm are taking wildcat strike action over proposed changes to their contracts, pay and conditions.

Hundreds of workers are staging vocal protests outside the head office of the firm in central London after the strike began early on Wednesday evening.

The IWGB union claims: "currently drivers earn £7/hour + £1/delivery. Deliveroo want to ditch the hourly rate, and move to a piece rate system, where drivers would only earn £3.75/delivery."

On Thursday evening the managing director went to talk with workers, encouraging them to enter into indvidual negotiations. This offer was loudly rejected by workers demanding collective bargaining.

Another protest by the striking workers is set to take place outside the company's offices on Torrington Place at 17:00pm on Friday evening. Supporters are encouraged to attend.

More information on the dispute can be found on the IWGB website:

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Aug 12 2016 10:57


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Chilli Sauce
Aug 12 2016 13:12

Well, that video made my morning. smile

Aug 12 2016 14:55

This is by a leftist academic who's in to the whole digital economy thing and has been talking to Deliveroo workers through the dispute, only skimmed it but expect it to be good -

Aug 12 2016 16:26

pretty good action going down in central London!

spoke to a random scooter delivery guy ( at a traffic light in park royal (west london) just now on way home and he already knew about the Deliveroo strike and about the demands - I think that is pretty great that news spread so quickly…

spoke to a Deliveroo scooterist ten minutes later, young bloke, he was waiting for one hour for call for next delivery (they are supposed to stay put after each delivery, if it is too far to go back to the zone). his zone is in wembley, where about one hundred deliveroo drivers are stationed. he has heard about the strike, but no details. he said that it will be a central London thing, that the strike will be successful, because no one would work for £3.75 per delivery (Uber pays £9 for delivery, same type of job - not taxi drivers). he thought that most of the wembley guys would quit and find other jobs if Deliveroo got through with their plan. he worked for Deliveroo for a few months, initially they didn’t give him the promised amount of hours, he complained and then received 50 hours per week. i gave him the facebook link for the iwgb courier site and our paper…

Aug 12 2016 16:55

just went on the deliveroo site, just to see if we can find out whether there is an office or something in west london, but then this chat-thingy popped up (always freaks me out), but i thought i use the opportunity. chat transcript below (you can send it to yourself - weird shit!)...

Chat started on 12 Aug 2016, 04:44 PM (GMT+0)
(04:44:26) *** Visitor 84139365 joined the chat ***
(04:44:28) Deliveroo Support: Hey! We’re here to help. If you’re contacting us about an order, please enter the order ID and your email address below.
(04:49:03) Visitor 84139365:
(04:49:09) *** Francis joined the chat ***
(04:49:14) Francis: Hi.
(04:49:39) Francis: How can I help you today?
(04:50:02) Visitor 84139365: Hey Francis! Good to see your delivery drivers colleagues on strike! Living Wage for You All! Best wishes!
(04:51:13) Francis: We’ve invited the concerned riders into discuss this further. We’re keen to find an understanding as quickly as possible.
(04:52:01) *** Visitor 84139365 left the chat ***

Serge Forward
Aug 12 2016 16:56

That video is fucking ace!

fingers malone
Aug 13 2016 11:07

I was happy to see that Deliveroo drivers refused to deliver for Byron after the raids. I don't know if this means all drivers or only some, but it's still good. Deliveroo also had a UKBA raid recently and some drivers were arrested.

fingers malone
Aug 13 2016 12:05

Deliveroo offered a deal which was a better offer for peak times but would have the conditions that the drivers rejected for offpeak times. The drivers rejected that. Another strike is proposed for Sunday if Deliveroo don't change their offer.

fingers malone
Aug 13 2016 23:15

I completely missed this, but the other day the drivers shut down Oxford Circus.

fingers malone
Aug 14 2016 00:36

Drivers have been contacted by management warning them not to join the strike. Drivers say that there are newly recruited workers who are already working on the new terms.

Deliveroo say if drivers don't accept new terms by Wednesday they will all lose their jobs.

donate to strike fund here.

Aug 14 2016 05:41

am I right that there is no protest today, Sunday, in Torrington Place? - they have announced a picket for Monday 9am...

what i don't get:

a friend of mine from glasgow who works for deliveroo told me about a 'zone' where they are supposed to return to when they have completed a delivery. is that not the case in central London? if that is the case, would it not be possible to roam around there and see if any new drivers / scabs hang out?

second question, how many restaurants have signed up to deliveroo in central london? a couple of dozen, one hundred? might be worth trying to stop people there. or at least publish a list of the restaurants for people who might want to engage in some solidarity actions, but can't make it to picket at 9am...

just wondering what kind of things would strengthen the strike apart from meeting at the HQ...

Aug 14 2016 06:46


perhaps a bit headless-chicken type of effort, but we just sent out following message to comrades in West London - the restaurant addresses are on the Deliveroo website…



we wonder how we can support the Deliveroo workers’ strike here in West London. Deliveroo operates in Wembley, perhaps we can organise a protest in front of one of the restaurants that uses Deliveroo (seven in total in Wembley area), talking to delivery guys when they turn up. As far as we know the guys in Wembley are not (yet) affected by the new pay scheme, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t know or support the strike. Similarly, restaurant managements should feel welcomed to contact Deliveroo and complain about potential loss of customers. We found this restaurant near Perivale station that has signed up. We suggest we meet there at 1:30pm on Tuesday - what do people reckon?

50 Bilton Road, London, UB67DH

stay tuned!
some WorkersWithAttitude

fingers malone
Aug 14 2016 08:22

I know the drivers have a leaflet aimed at restaurants which they are taking round and they have also been going round restaurants en masse. Don't know more than that.

fingers malone
Aug 15 2016 13:33

Hey I don't know any more than this newspaper report, but this looks good if it's true:

EDIT: it's not true, drivers say this offer is being reported in a very misleading way

"The firm will now give workers the chance to opt out of what it claimed was a pilot scheme that pays £3.75 per delivery rather than the current terms of £7 an hour and £1 per delivery. It will also guarantee at least £7.50 an hour and petrol for those who continue to participate, following protests by hundreds of delivery riders in London.

While couriers reportedly claimed the new pay structure would be imposed on them from next week, the firm insisted it was only ever going to be a 90-day trial, and that it will now be voluntary. Any final decision on pay will be taken after the pilot, which is being tested by 280 London riders, out of more than 3,000 in the capital, according to Deliveroo."

I've seen people saying the drivers are rejecting it.

Also protest tonight in Camden at 6pm

Chilli Sauce
Aug 14 2016 19:04

Thanks for the updates Fingers!

fingers malone
Aug 14 2016 21:14


Ok if anyone is free in north London tomorrow:

"We're holding a picket between 9am and 5pm at the Deliveroo recruitment office at 79 Pentonville Road (near Angel tube station) to prevent the hiring of strike breakers until there is a resolution between Deliveroo management and it's current riders who are currently on strike."

fingers malone
Aug 15 2016 08:19

Drivers are saying pentonville office may be shut today and they are asking new recruits to go to an office in east dulwich, check or @IWGB_CLB for updates. I have a dentist appointment so can't post updates for a bit.

Drivers are saying that other drivers are being offered a 250 pound bonus for strike breaking and also that drivers are being offered money to pass over names, videos and photos of striking drivers.

fingers malone
Aug 15 2016 08:22

Deliveroo Dulwich office is at:

2A Melbourne Grove
East Dulwich
SE22 8PL

fingers malone
Aug 15 2016 13:44

Deliveroo drivers protest tonight, Torrington Place, between Euston and Tottenham Court Road stations, 5pm

Here's what the union page says about the deal that was offered and widely reported in the papers

"Dan Warne has either failed to mention – or the BBC has failed to realise – that to access this £7.50/hour scheme they’ll have to work outside their normal zone – in unknown territory, not of their choosing – they’ll just be dumped somewhere by Deliveroo. It’s also important to note – in case you missed it – that it’ll only be for peak times (lunch and dinner) so the piece rate will STILL APPLY for the three hours between peak times.

We aren’t sure if the media are aware, or if Deliveroo has been omitting this information when talking to them, but we want to clarify the offer made to the striking workers.

Deliveroo have offered drivers to opt out of the new piece rate pay scheme ***ONLY if they move to another zone where the 7+1 scheme is still in place***.

This means drivers will have to work in zones far away, adding extra costs and time to their day. This also means drivers will have to learn their new zone from scratch and spend time building up their knowledge, as it takes weeks and months to get enough knowledge to work efficiently. Drivers will have to learn a whole new group of restaurants and customers.

Drivers have spent years working in their zones, getting to know their patch and building Deliveroo as a company – on the ground. It is not fair that they should move to another zone, because this will also mean taking a wage cut with the time it will take to learn their new area.




fingers malone
Aug 15 2016 15:15


fingers malone
Aug 15 2016 13:53

Drivers report that Deliveroo drivers in south London are being told to go to north London (where the strike is) and are being penalised if they won't go

Tweets from strike page

BREAKING Drivers working in S Ldn told to move zones. They wanted to stay in their current zone but were STOPPED FROM WORKING BY @DELIVEROO!

BREAKING Is @Deliveroo punishing drivers for not driving to new zones? Drivers have been logged off by company while on shift! #Slaveroo

Aug 15 2016 14:49

Can I just check that the workers definitely want people to boycott the company? If so is there a boycott leaflet? I can distribute around my building (we normally have several Deliveroo deliveries every evening)

Aug 15 2016 14:57

Yeah, I saw a (relatively small) mass meeting endorse the call for a boycott.

Haven't seen a leaflet, all the resources appear to be on the IWGB fb page.

fingers malone
Aug 15 2016 15:03

They called for a boycott, I'm actually cooking their dinner right now (this is true) but I will look for info when it won't cause me to burn anything.

I know there is a leaflet, I've looked for it but can't find it.

fingers malone
Aug 15 2016 15:53

there's a photo of a handwritten leaflet, I keep trying to post the picture but I can't.

Look, just write a leaflet with a pen that says

Deliveroo are trying to cut wages so drivers can't make ends meet
Drivers are on strike
Please don't buy Deliveroo

fingers malone
Aug 15 2016 23:28

Hello everyone, Tuesday is an important day for the strike, there will be a picket at Torrington Place from 12 noon, please go if you can, they need people down there.
Please check IWGB couriers branch twitter and facebook pages for updates.

Aug 16 2016 06:46

Thanks for the updates fingers, tell them solidarity from Sweden.

fingers malone
Aug 16 2016 07:45

how do you post photos now? I used to be able to save and repost them, now I can't

fingers malone
Aug 16 2016 07:51

Today is a big day for the strike and Deliveroo drivers have asked people to call the Deliveroo customer service line, 0203 322 3444 you can either talk about the strike or just talk nonsense about how your food order hasn't turned up but you can't find your order number, it's here somewhere, let me just look for it....

remember customer service team are just poorly paid workers, don't shout at them

Aug 16 2016 07:57
fingers malone wrote:
how do you post photos now? I used to be able to save and repost them, now I can't

upload to an image sharing website like, right click the image to copy the URL, then paste in between this:
[IMG] paste URL here [/IMG]

fingers malone
Aug 16 2016 08:45