France: Carrefour strikers issued with summonses

Seven of the striking workers at the Grand Littoral hypermarket have been issued with summonses for "restriction of the right to work"

Submitted by jef costello on February 14, 2008

Workers at the hypermarket have been on strike since February the first. Their demands are mostly related to working conditions and benefits, as previously reported on libcom. Of the 571 workers at the branch over 100 have joined the strike, an extension of the one-day national retail strike called at the beginning of the month. Workers at Grand Littoral are the only ones to have continued the strike, voting each day at general assemblies to continue striking.

The seven workers are affected by the legal proceedings, six of whom are union reps faced a court today with Carrefour seeking to have them banned from the retail park where the hypermarket is situated. Strikers have blockaded the entrance to the retail park using trolleys during the strike action.

Today management managed to re-open the hypermarket, which is it's flagship store with over 140M euros of sales a year, but there was no fresh produce of any kind available in the entire store.

Union lawyers have accused management of subverting the legal process to try to break the strike and have demanded that the court appoint a facilitator for negotiations. The company has slightly increased its offer to workers since Monday.