Hungary: rail workers' strike becomes unlimited

Hungary: rail workers' strike becomes unlimited

Hungary's largest rail union announced that its members would continue their current strike indefinitely.

The strike began with a nine-hour stoppage on Friday, workers then recommenced action on Monday, practically paralysing Hungary's rail network. After this second one-day strike it was decided to continue action. According to the state rail company (MAV) only one in five trains ran yesterday, with the captial, Budapest, particularly affected.

Balazs Peter Barany, vice-president of the independent rail-workers' union (VDSzSz) announced that action would continue until agreement was reached, after the failure of this round of talks. Workers are demanding a 10% pay increase and a bonus of 250,000 forints (£730), equivalent to two and a half months salary.

The VDSzSZ union has been involved in several strikes since October, notably to protest against the closure of lines and the partial privatisation of the healthcare system.

Translated from the Solidarité Ouvrière blog.

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Feb 5 2008 23:05


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