London Underground union rep suspended for union activities

A Tube worker and union activist has been suspended from his job for his organising activities. A demonstration is planned in London this Wednesday (15th).

Submitted by Caiman del Barrio on October 11, 2008

Andy Littlechild, a track worker at Metronet has been a rep for over 12 years. He is known for his complete dedication to the health, safety and welfare of all workers; Metronet employees and agency staff alike.

He was instrumental in the RMT’s [Rail, Maritime and Transport Union] recent successful campaigns in September last year which stopped management from devaluing Metronet staff’s pensions by 10% and halted mass job cuts, and in April this year opened up the Transport for London pension scheme, free travel on TfL [Transport for London] and subsidised travel on Network Rail to new starters, all previously denied to them by Metronet.

Supporters claim that Metronet management decided to silence Andy "using a fit up disciplinary that would embarrass the Spanish Inquisition."

His co-workers are demanding that Metronet drop the fake charges And reinstate him immediately.

Details of the demonstration for this Wednesday.


Jason Cortez

15 years 8 months ago

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Submitted by Jason Cortez on October 15, 2008

Metronet have caved and Andy has won, so the demo has been canceled.