NF Gaff!

The NF make another gaff as the infighting on the far right continues

“Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will.”
Frederick Douglass

The perpetual and prolific infighting between far right groups continues with internet accusations of ineptitude, informing and duplicity which, as ever, makes for interesting reading. The pro-BNP Covert Undercover Nuisance website has rather amusingly highlighted the latest NF gaff : the NF News webpage is headlined with a quote by black political activist Frederick Douglass which has provided all sides with much mirth and the NF with red faces. The NF recently split into 2 cliques, one led by Eddy Morrison and the other by ageing racist and technophobe Tom Holmes whose lack of media savvy has seen a lifetime’s work washed round the S-bend. Holmes stuck to photocopying and posting his missives to the members whilst Morrison, more technically proficient and perhaps with some ‘expert help’, rallied support on the net to help depose Holmes’ leadership clique. Eventually, Holmes realised the gig was up and resigned.

Morrison has since cranked up the NF’s election campaign by issuing an urgent appeal for deposits money from members. This is clearly a tactic to split the far right vote as the NF will no doubt stand in the same areas as the BNP as they appeal to the same people. The NF website also promises several days of action and a meeting in London which will see “a very, very big turnout in the light of recent and not too distant changes in the Nationalist scene.” On his blog, Morrison berates the BNP’s dodgy accounting, citing this as another reason to join the NF. Despite this flurry of activity, the year has not started off that well for the NF with their dramatic no-show at Wootton Bassett the other week much mocked by others on the far right.

To counter the NF ‘threat’ the Coverts have attacked Morrison on the web. The Coverts are Tommy Williams and Dave Howard, amply supported by Bev Kerry, VNN moderator and hamster enthusiast. The website consists of Photoshop generated slurs and images and the last few entries have been aimed at Morrison. Part of this bad blood goes back to Morrison’s exclusion from the BNP and a squabble last year over a leaked NF membership list which the Coverts claimed to have. Morrison denied this so Williams and Howard door stepped Morrison to prove it; Morrison refused to come out and phoned the cops claiming they had threatened him with weapons. However, Howard had videoed the whole thing so the transcripts will clarify whether this is true and highlight any discrepancies in Morrison’s statement to the cops. Following this event however, the Covert website went down until the new year when it bounced back reinvigorated with even more venom for Morrison and his associates Tom Linden and Adam Everitt. The Coverts said that they will explain their reasons for absence shortly. Despite the NF’s varied fortunes, many on the far right still get nostalgic about it and are angered by Morrison’s move leading to the usual accusations of him being manipulated by the state: he has a record of dalliance with the security services and a history of splits and divisions so this is nothing new. The NF are also seen by some to be the last bastion of White Nationalism now that the BNP may be forced to take on non-white members.

The BNP have been under pressure from supporters and opponents alike over leaked lists (two), the freezing of memberships, the kleptocracy of Nick Griffin, the unsatisfactory accounts, the ‘jobs for the boys’ mentality of the leadership, the court case by EHRC, the possibility of having to finally accept non-white members and the recent ructions in Stoke following the Simon Darby/Alby Walker fallout. All this has led to a trickle of defections from the BNP to the NF, most notably Chris Jackson who resigned from his regional organiser position. The NF have only just stated their intentions to stand in the general election, despite them having little money for campaigning and deposits, but this still has the potential to split the far right vote. Hence the Coverts concerted effort to smear and harangue the NF and anti-Griffinite Nazis.

Recently, given the intensity of squabbling between pro-BNP VNN and anti-Griffin NWN, they decided to call a truce which according to Big Bev is “working like a charm!” Particular spleen was reserved for Sean Hadley (who set up Griffin Watch) on the Covert’s Exposing Hadley smear site and the NWNers set up a Covert Exposed website in retaliation. Following the Sheppard and Whittle convictions and the current Aryan Strike Force trial, posters are having to be a bit more cautious over what they write. (See Far Right Death Threats by ‘Malatesta’). VNN have also just removed a thread smearing Hadley. However, despite Big Bev’s claims, the Covert’s and Exposing Hadley sites do not seem to be maintaining a dignified silence and are as lively as ever.

The folks at VNN are also outraged that an article in Heritage And Destiny penned by Peter Rushton has sided with Morrison and against the Coverts. Peter Rushton is also a dodgy prospect. Combat 18 allegedly fed him false information that ended up in Searchlight which led to a beating in Diksmuide in 1993. Searchlight Exposed website has reprinted the BNP pamphlet criticising Rushton. The Heritage And Destiny magazine is run by Mark Cotterill who was in the NF, BNP, and also the US Nationalist Alliance until he left following accusations of wasting $100,000 of their money on 1 issue of Resistance magazine. He was also in the White Nationalist Party (formed by surprise, surprise, Eddy Morrison) who were told by the Electoral Commission that they could not stand under that name and then fragmented into the EFP and the BPP. Cotterill is viewed suspiciously by many on the far right including John Tyndall who “perceived distinct Asiatic traits in his physical features, possibly Chinese.” And even more damningly: “Cotterill has convinced me that he is an agent for the authorities, possibly Special Branch, possibly MI5, possibly both. I believe that he has been recruited in the same way as certain other people … evidence of some kind of criminality that would enable the powers that be to put him away for a stretch, and a consequent 'deal' that he would be spared if he helped them.”
If the allegations against Cotterill and Rushton are in any way true, then Heritage And Destiny aligning itself with Morrison’s agenda against the BNP comes as no surprise. Aryan Unity yet again dissolves in a mixture of cheap cider, failure and collusion.


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