Tel Aviv Stock Exchange employees set to strike on Feb 28th (CANCELLED)

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange workers are set to strike at February 28th. This action was declared about two weeks ago (Feb 5th), and is a response to TASE management's refusal to meet union demands.

These include increasing wages by 4.5% and adding workers hired through HR firms to the group pay agreement. Instead, management is only willing to increase wages to its direct employees, with a 0.5% blanket increase as well as an additional 3% to be rewarded selectively according to individual performance.

Union representatives have cited the working conditions of indirect employees as the central issue, as their proportion in the TASE workforce has increased in recent years. For example, there are already more indirect than there are direct employees in the computing and maintenance sections.

Notice of labour dispute

UPDATE: Conflicting reports today (Feb 27th) about the upcoming strike tomorrow: Ynet's title ("TASE workers will not strike despite end of ultimatum") suggests that the strike has been called off, and that "organizational measures" will be taken instead, while Walla's title ("Dispute at TASE worsens") suggests that stronger measures are on the agenda. Both sources agree that the union will be setting up a conference tomorrow (Feb 28th) to present its next move.

FURTHER UPDATE: Strike apparently canceled without notice, as all Israeli media are blank about the issue, and trading at TASE proceeded regularly. Sources are being sought for further information.

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Feb 22 2008 23:11


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