Wildcat Strike at NATO International School

Teachers went on strike at a school for children of NATO officers in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Submitted by akai on April 29, 2009

Teachers at the school for children of NATO officers in Bydgoszcz Poland went on a wildcat strike yesterday after several weeks of protests due to non-payment and lack of contracts.

The Polish government, which is obliged to finance the school, hadn't sent any money since December. The teachers working there did not receive work contracts and had not been paid since March. They called an indefinite strike. Already interruption to the work in the school started before Easter when a few teachers decided not to come back to work.

The school is not free but must be heavily financed by the state because, unlike other schools, there is a student - teacher ratio of one teacher per 1.25 children. Besides the children of NATO officers, a couple of Japanese children of nearby corporate executives had studied there but resigned due to the problems in the school.