Laure Akai

Wildcat Strike at NATO International School

Teachers went on strike at a school for children of NATO officers in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Occupation at union-busting Schavemaker Transport

Truck drivers plan to occupy the Polish HQ of the firm until fired union members are reinstated.

Mexico: Former Nokia workers protest dismissals and actions of Manpower and Adecco agencies

On Feb. 4, a group of former employees of the Finland-based Nokia company protested outside offices of the federal labor board. The company has not paid the severance packages which are required by Mexican law to a group of 1000 workers dismissed by Nokia last November.

Dismissed workers occupy factory in Poland

200 workers recently dismissed from Thomson in a Warsaw suburb occupy factory in the hopes of getting promised compensation.

Seoul: police attack occupied building, kill protestors

Six dead, many injured and arrested after police attack protestors near American Military Base.

Privatisation by the back door: The health workers’ strike and the future of medical care in Poland

Laure Akai analyses the neoliberal reforms to Poland's health service as the doctors' strike enters its fourth month.

Poland’s health care workers’ strike: new challenges and old problems

As a mass health-care strike enters its sixth week, all that may be achieved is the speeding-up of the privatisation process.

Death, industrial action and firings at LG Electronics in Poland

Life's not so good for LG workers

At least one worker fired after industrial action. Workers demand an end to forced overtime.

Poland: Workers fired for union activity

Greenkett Polska

A report from Poland on the firing of two workers for union organising and demanding better working conditions.

Teachers protest in Warsaw

Over 12,000 teachers demonstrated today in Warsaw. Among their demands were not only calls for a pay rise and retention of early retirement priveleges, but also for he dismissal of the Minister and Vice-Minister of Education.