Poland: Workers fired for union activity

Greenkett Polska
Greenkett Polska

A report from Poland on the firing of two workers for union organising and demanding better working conditions.

Submitted by akai on March 23, 2007

Two workers from Workers' Initiative have been fired for union activity. Anybody who would like to show some solidarity should send a nasty e-mail or fax with a protest.The names of the fired people are Aurelia Włodarczyk and Jolanta Szypura. They work for the firm Greenkett Polska, which is part of the IG group - headquarters in Spain. They were demanding a 30% pay raise. Current salaries are about 1000 zł - 250 euros a month.

They also demand better working conditions. There is too much noise and dust (they make parkiet floors) and it's too cold there in the factory.

The IG Group have factories also in Brazil, Portugal, Slovakia and the US.

You can send a protest letter demanding their reinstatement or just find some of this company's parkiet floor in shops. Parkiet floors if scratched will probably not be purchased by consumers.