Interview with Kurdistan Anarchist Forum about the situation in Iraq/Kurdistan - alasbarricadas

An interview with (KAF)* about the situation in Iraq/Kurdistan and the conflict with Islamic State conducted by Spanish anarchist website on 03rd September 2014.

The CNT defense committees in Barcelona 1933-1938: An interview with Agustín Guillamón

A discussion of the rise and fall of the revolutionary institutions that were the foundation of the Spanish Revolution in the anarchosyndicalist stronghold of Barcelona, the social and organizational context of the anarchosyndicalist movement during the Civil War at the neighborhood level, the conflict between the rank and file militants and the collaborationist “superior committees” of the anarcho-syndicalist union the CNT, the meaning of the “spontaneity” of that movement and the process that led to its destruction at the hands of the republicans and Stalinists.

Interview: Anarchism in New Zealand

The following interview was conducted in the mid-2000s via email between Spanish anarchist website and Omar, an Aotearoa Anarchist of New Zealand who is involved in Indymedia Aotearoa and the Auckland Anarchist Collective. We reproduce this article for reference only, and readers should take the contents with a big pinch of salt - see comments below for more information about the interviewee.

Cuba: interview with the Movimiento Libertario Cubano

During mid-June 2008 the Iberian counter-information collective A Las Barricadas posed several questions to the MLC… The complete text of this interview follows.

Interview with Kurdish anarchists, 2010

The spanish anarchist site interviewed last month members of the exiled Kurdistan Anarchist Forum. Here is the full interview: