Ang Potensyal na Anarkistang Tendensiya ng Diliman Commune

An analysis of the anarchistic elements in the Diliman Commune.
The DIliman Commune was a student uprising against the Marcos administration.

A new world in our hearts - Eight years of writings from the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation

A New World In Our Hearts

A New World in Our Hearts contains texts from an important chapter and step in anarchist organizing in the United States and North-America as a whole. This book captures some of the texts and discussions that led to the forming and demise of the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation that would exist for 8 years. Its experience would become the foundation of the now known Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

Free cities: communalism and the left

The last collection of essays written by Murray Bookchin before he died.

El Salvador: An Anarcha-Feminist Perspective

An interview with an anarcha-feminist organizer from El Salvador, conducted by the Final Straw Radio Show. An audio version of this interview can be heard here.

The value of Noam Chomsky

A "personal essay" from 2015 on some of the reasons why Chomsky's fame -- unlike that of most public intellectuals -- is more than justified. Despite his rejection of the label, he is, in many respects, the quintessential Marxist.

The necessity of a moral revolution

Thoughts on the kind of moral universe we have to create in order to save the world.

Bakunin: la anarkiismo kaj la revolucio

Artikolo pri Bakunin verkita de Julián Vadillo publikigita de NKL ( kaj esperantigita de Jesús González

Ĉifonista manifesto de Puigcerdá Batalo por la Historio

Manifesto disdonita en Puigcerdá la 27-an de aprilo 2018, en la 81-a datreveno de la mortigo de Antonio Martín "la durruti de Cerdaña”, okaze de la prezento de la libro: "Naciistoj kontraŭ anarkiistoj en Cerdaña, 1936-1937".

Notes of an Underground Humanist

An idiosyncratic book inspired by the form of Nietzsche but the content of Marx.

Post Scarcity Anarchism - Audiobook

This is a reading of the essay/pamphlet entitled Post-Scarcity Anarchism, not the book by the same name.