Organization - Errico Malatesta

Malatesta article against anti-organizationalist anarchism

Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics

Collection of writings from various writers/thinkers on a range of topics, including a history of the different anarchist traditions, different types of worker organizations, cooperatives, etc. It's somewhat mis-titled as it's not necessarily about anarchist/anarchist communist economics (it includes contributions from parecon thinkers Robin Hahnel and Michael Albert).

“On Authority” Revisited

Fredrick Engels argues against Anarchism on the basis that authority is needed to carry out a revolution against capitalism and the organization of society. This article argues that he fundamentally ignored what Anarchists actually meant when they said they were against authority.

On Order - Peter Kropotkin

Written in 1881, this short text Kropotkin puts forward a passionate defence of the term « anarchy » and the aspirations of the anarchists.

St Imier - The Congress of the Anti-authoritarian International

After the expulsion of the anarchists at the Congress of the International Workingmen's Association (The Hague, 2-7 September 1872), Mikhail Bakunin, James Guillaume and the members of various anarchist federations and sections met in the village of Saint-Imier (Swiss Jura) and adopted certain resolutions at what will be known as the Congress of the Anti-authoritarian International.

Advice to My Anarchist Comrades - Elisée Reclus

An open letter by Elisée Reclus to the anarchist movement. Written in 1901.