Anarchist Workers Group

Love & Rage Vol. 1 No. 7, November 1990

Issue 7 of Love & Rage, with a review of Refusing to be a Man by John Stoltenberg, letters including a debate on imperialism, the On Gogol Boulevard column with news from the Eastern Bloc, prisoner news, the Mayday 29 case in New York, racism and repression in Miami, anarchist participation in the anti-Gulf War movement, the possibility of a draft, a march on San Francisco's financial district, a reprint from the Anarchist Workers Group on organisation, a disruption of a Meir Kahane speech in Minneapolis, an environmental conference, resistance to US military bases in Crete and more.

Love & Rage Vol. 1 No. 6, October 1990

Issue 6 of Love & Rage, with articles on the first Gulf War, letters, a report from a Young Greens conference addressed by Murray Bookchin, a relief effort after a hurricane in Puerto Rico, the Canadian government sending troops in against the Mohawk rebellion, prison news including a profile of Larry Giddings, the On Gogol Boulevard column with news of Soviet anarcho-syndicalists and Eastern Bloc solidarity with Native American struggles, strategies for resisting the war, an open letter about love and anarchy, an article from the Anarchist Workers Group about organising for anarchy, notes of revolt and more.

Anarchist organisation ... the next step

This article on anarchist organisation is from Joe White of the Anarchist Workers Group. The Anarchist Workers Group existed in Britain from 1988 to 1992 when it changed its name to Socialism from Below and then disintegrated. It was born out of a split from the Direct Action Movement, led a controversial existence and when it fell apart a few of its leading members ended up in various Trotskyist groups.