Anarchist Youth Network

Retrato de una organización anarquista juvenil: Anarchist Youth Network (2002-2004) - Steven Johns

Breves notas históricas sobre la organización Anarchist Youth Network (AYN).

Timeline of direct action against the Iraq war, 2002-2004

Invasion of USAF Fairford, 2003

A timeline of direct action which took place against the second Gulf War in the UK and Ireland up to 2004, compiled at the time by the Anarchist Youth Network.

Incite - Manchester Anarchist Youth

A short zine from the Manchester group of the Anarchist Youth Network, from around 2002. It's pretty rubbish but we reproduce it for reference and it gives an insight into the threats of opinions inside the network.

Bring the war to the streets - AYN art

Phone box

Photographs of an anti-Iraq war art project carried out by some people involved in the Anarchist Youth Network in 2002 and 2003. Most may not believe now that it was very politically useful but it is archived here for reference. The concept of it was threefold: to put military imagery into peaceful London settings, to illustrate that the British government going to war in Iraq would likely bring conflict to the UK in terms of terrorism and as a call to action, to bring a war against the war-mongering capitalist system to the streets of the UK. It involved sticking toy soldiers about the place, and camouflaging everyday objects about the city with paint.

Anarchist Youth Network stickers

Boards not bombs

Some stickers which were produced by the Anarchist Youth Network between 2002 and 2004. The designers no longer think they are good, but they are reproduced here for reference.

Open meeting to set up a London anarchist youth network - meeting minutes

The minutes of a meeting of the organisationalist/class struggle tendency within the London Anarchist Youth group attempting to resuscitate the group, along a tighter class struggle perspective, during the decline of the Anarchist Youth Network.

The Anarchist Youth Network (AYN), personal recollections, 2002-2004 - Steven Johns

"Bring the war to the streets" AYN art project

Brief historical notes on the organisation the Anarchist Youth Network (AYN). The AYN was a loosely-organised grouping of young anarchists, supposed to be based in Britain and Ireland. Lasting only from 2002 to 2004, it suffered many of the weaknesses common in the contemporary anarchist movement of the English speaking world.

Anti-war school walkouts, 2003 - AYN discussions

Extracts from the Anarchist Youth Network's open email discussion with information-sharing and discussion about the walkouts of school students which occured against the Iraq war as it began in March 2003. While there was a lot of potential AYN failed to make a collective impact on them.

Anarchist Youth Network agendas and minutes, 2002-2003

A small archive of some documents from the Anarchist Youth Network and London Anarchist Youth with meeting minutes and agendas.

Solidarity with the firefighters! AYN leaflet, 2003

A leaflet written and distributed by some people in the Anarchist Youth Network in the UK in 2003 during the strikes of firefighters for a pay increase to £30,000 and an end to "modernisation" of working practices.