Anselm Jappe

Violence, what use is it?

police partout, justice nulle part

Anselm Jappe, value form critic and biographer of Guy Debord, looks at the issue of violence in contemporary Europe.

From El Viejo Topo: interview on "curtailing economic growth" - Anselm Jappe

An interview with Anselm Jappe about "curtailing economic growth" ("decrecimiento" in Spanish), a tendency that is becoming increasingly popular in certain circles in Europe, which he characterizes as "a reformism that wants to be authentically radical" but which is doomed to failure unless it challenges the logic of commodity production.

From one utopia to another - Anselm Jappe

Anselm Jappe turns the tables on the apologists for capitalism who denounce “utopia” as the seed of Stalinist terror and as contrary to “human nature”, by pointing out that the capitalist “utopia” of homo oeconomicus is the most important utopia in the history of the world and that, despite its ideological disguise as “natural” and “eternal”, it has almost always had to be imposed by force on reluctant populations who rejected its invasion and destruction of their traditional ways of life.

The ghost of theory - Jaime Semprun

In one of his last essays, a deeply pessimistic Jaime Semprun proclaims the death of "radical theory" and recommends "a good handbook on gardening" to help ride out the "shipwreck of industrial society".

Notes on the manifesto against labor - Jaime Semprun

Jaime Semprun criticizes the Krisis Group's Manifesto Against Labor for clinging to what he refers to as the "obsolete" idea that the existing productive forces of capitalist big industry can be re-appropriated for the purposes of revolutionary change, when such events as Hiroshima and Chernobyl clearly show that these forces have long since crossed the threshold that stands between "productive forces" and "destructive forces", and claims that the "machinery that has paralyzed" "humanity's vital forces" must be destroyed rather than re-appropriated.

The cat, the mouse, culture and the economy - Anselm Jappe

Essay on the relation between culture and the economy in contemporary capitalism, examining the role played by generalized commodification in the advancing infantilization of the population, the spread of narcissism and the decline of art, which has become a "subspecies of design and advertising".

The metaphysical subtleties of the commodity - Anselm Jappe

Essay by German author Anselm Jappe discussing the history and continuing relevance of the concept of commodity fetishism, with particular emphasis on the role of situationist theory in its further elaboration after Marx.

Debord, Guy - Anselm Jappe

Anselm Jappe's biography of Debord and exposition of his ideas.