Xtra! #2 Jan 1980

2nd issue of Xtra!

Contents include: Xtra! collective member gives evidence at inquiry into NF HQ Excalibur House, protest march against Excalibur House, early days of Thatcher government, overview of the NF and how to infiltrate it, what to do when you're facing trial, French Anarchist Federation conference report, the S.A.S. - its history, training and ideology, disruption of Labour Party mass meeting, critical reflections on anarcha-feminist conference, anarchism and fascism - the Italian connection, contacts.

Xtra! Pilot issue Nov 1979

Pilot issue of Xtra! from November 1979.

Articles on Persons Unknown trial, an Xtra! exclusive on the National Front's HQ Excalibur House (and feature on its notorious minder Derrick Day), Nuclear Power, splits in the Labour Party, health, abortion used to choose the sex of a child, Do The Workers Really Want Control?, self help guide for arrestees, film censorship, working conditions at Haymarket Publishing, denationalise the Church of England, Nuclear Waste.

Viktor Filinkov, political prisoner: “An idealist who takes on responsibility for the big picture”

One of the "Network" case defendants, jailed for seven years on trumped-up charges

Collectives in the Spanish Revolution - by Gaston Leval (2018 Updated & Improved Edition)

A new, updated, and improved edition of a classic of anarcho-syndicalist economics -- a detailed eyewitness and analysis of the successes and struggles of a libertarian socialist economy