Nagorno-Karabakh War: For Workers the Real Enemy Lies at Home

In the context of global capitalism the war in Nagorno-Karabakh is just one more conflict that capitalism in its imperialist stage cannot solve.

Anti-war Statement of Azerbaijani Leftist Youth

Statement by signatories of a group of left wing Azerirbaijani youths denouncing the current conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the system of nations, xenophobia and capitalism that have allowed it to happen.

1915 to 2015 - A Century of Genocide

A look back at the Armenian genocide of one hundred years ago, and other Turkish genocides again minorities such as Greeks, Assyrians and Kurds.

Far right arson against DIY bar in Yerevan, Armenia

8th of May, 5:30 AM two neo-Nazi brothers, Ambik and Arame attacked club
"D.I.Y" in Yerevan. They broke window of the door and threw bottles
filled with flammable mixture. At first, fire brigade which arrived in
minutes claimed fire was due to a short circuit, but CCTV camera of a
shop next door fixed how a bald young man in a bomber jacket and combat
boots with white shoelaces committed the attack.

Armenian history: an anarchist perspective

This article reviews Armenian history, struggles, ancient political movements and peasant rebellions since antiquity from an anarchist perspective.

Turkish state threatens to expel 100,000 Armenian migrant workers

A short article by a left communist on the threat by the Turkish government to expel Armenian migrant workers.

War on the streets in Armenia

February and March in Armenia saw a disputed presidential election (19/2/2008) followed by eleven days of demonstrations in the capital Yerevan, broken up by tanks, police attacks and the imposition of a State of Emergency (1/3/2008).