At the Wendy’s: Armed Struggle at the End of the World

An article analysing the events that played out in summer 2020 in response to a police murder in Atlanta, with particular reference to the impact of guns on the struggle, as well as paranoia, fatalism, race and the concept of "Black leadership". This article was originally published by Ill Will Editions.

Don’t Die Wondering: Atlanta Against the Police (2011-2012)

The winter of 2011-12 saw a number of clashes with the police in Atlanta. I hope that this piece can be helpful for anarchists, anticapitalists, and other would-be rebels in medium sized cities with almost no radical or combative history.

Atlanta's washerwomen strike, 1881

African-American washerwomen, 19th-century

A short history of the strike of overwhelmingly African-American women laundresses in Atlanta Georgia. Coming only shortly after the abolition of slavery, the strike was successful in raising wages and establishing a union.

[Video] Modibo Kadalie on the 1977 Atlanta sanitation workers' strike and direct action

"This damn Maynard Jackson..."

Scholar/actvist Modibo Kadalie discusses his role in organizing direct action during the 1977 Atlanta Sanitation Workers' Strike and dumping garbage at City Hall.

[Video] Modibo Kadalie on the "bat patrols": Community self-defense and the 1981 Atlanta child murders

Scholar/actvist Modibo Kadalie discusses helping to organize community self-defense in the Techwood Homes housing projects during the 1981 Atlanta Child Murders.

Occupy Atlanta: Privilege politics or popular self-management for the post-civil rights city

Theo Tegemea and Z.A. Mrefu on Occupy Atlanta, race, reformism and white privilege.

The Atlanta Solidarity Network Continues Winning Streak

ASOL keeps up it's perfect record with another victory!

Anti-police murder march in Atlanta

Around 200 Atlantans march rowdily through the downtown business district in response to police murder of a 19 year old at the Vine City MARTA station in the city's west end.

Atlanta cabbies in wildcat strike

Cab drivers refused to collect passengers

Cabbies at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport went on a five-hour wildcat strike Monday that ended when airport officials agreed to consider a list of their grievances.