Atlanta families protest against police killings

Relatives of the 11 people killed this year by DeKalb County police protested on Tuesday night to demand a full account of the deaths.

Submitted by Ramona on October 26, 2006

All 11 victims were shot dead, five times more than the usual number of annual killings by police. The families are demanding explainations from the police about the circumstances of the deaths, as they have never been told what actually happened to their relatives.

Iffat Muhammad says she has never known why police shot and killed her brother, Ab-raheem Muhammad in August this year.

"We're still unsure because the police report does not reflect what the detectives told us. At that time, I was told that I need to really not worry about it - to just bury my brother" Muhammad said.

Whilst DeKalb County police are investigating the deaths, they have defended the "use of deadly force" policy, saying "We're going to enforce the law in DeKalb County. Don't break the law. Don't put yourself in that situation. Don't put the police department in the situation where we have to respond."