Casualisation on the docks: a ship we all don't want to berth

Workers at the Ports of Auckland have been on strike this week, with solidarity actions spreading nationally and internationally.

A Country Considered to Be Free - New Zealand and the IWW

"Towards a Transnational Study of New Zealand Links with the Wobblies", an essay by Mark Derby which looks at New Zealand's relationship with the IWW.

Auckland call centre workers stand strong against lock out and nuclear ship visits

Auckland call centre workers March against lock out and nuclear ship visits

50 Unite Union members at the OCIS call centre in Auckland, New Zealand stood strong on Friday night after their employer locked them out. The lock out came after three weeks of wildcat strike action by workers.

A Peoples’ History of Auckland- From the general strike to the ADB summit: 1912-1995

It took 506 days before police were able to evict the land occupation from Bastion Point.

A series of snapshots into radical undercurrents and outbreaks of people power in Auckland, New Zealand.

New Zealand news hit by 'lightning' strikes

TVNZ Auckland offices

State broadcaster TVNZ's flagship evening news has been targeted for industrial action, with staff walking off the job just before it went to air on Sunday night (5 Nov).

NZ: Trolley jam in support of locked out supermarket workers

A number of customers blocked aisles in a New Zealand supermarket yesterday in support of locked out employees.

After France, 1,000 students walk out in Auckland NZ

In Auckland, New Zealand today, over 1,000 high school students walked out of class to protest against youth pay rates, whilst linking their protest to the events in France.

NZ: McDonald's backs down after lunchtime strike

McDonald’s workers in Auckland, New Zealand carried out a symbolic strike at lunchtime on Friday despite the company’s threats to sue individual workers if they took part in union action.