Best of the worst

Swamp Maoism

A (hopefully) joke position paper by a fictitious maoist cell in Florida advocating the start of a protracted people's war in Florida everglades. Reproduced for archival purposes.

The International Communist League on NAMBLA

Article by the Spartacist League in which they defend the pro-paedophilia organisation the North American Man-Boy Love Association. We completely disagree with this article but reproduce it as evidence of their views. Trigger warning for child abuse.

The International Communist League on Roman Polanski

An absolutely appalling article from the Trotskyist Spartacist League in support of convicted child rapist film director Roman Polanski. We completely disagree with the article but reproduce it as evidence of their sexist, pro-child abuse, rape-denying views. Trigger warning for sexual violence.

Statement from autonomous union-busting firm in the Twin Cities

A public statement on a labour conflict by a group of anarchists and radicals in Minneapolis. The statement resembles typical union-busting strategies, combined with the language of anti-capitalism. We do not agree with this article, but reproduce for reference, and have written a critical introduction.

We fight the sea at Kronstadt

"looming chaos notwithstanding? No: we would take a stronger grip"

A hilarious heroic ode to the massacre of the Kronstadt commune by British Trotskyist group Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL), taken from their website.

The Need For Industrial Unity: a question of anarchist organisational imperative

An article on organisation by Liberty & Solidarity, which we disagree with completely and find the tone rather pompous, but reproduce here for reference.

We must win; we can't win; how we will win

Teaching the leadership of the working class

A quite appalling and ridiculous appeal to socialists to mimic capitalist leadership models by Nick Durie of Liberty & Solidarity.

The value of people-management

There's a good communist: motivating the proletariat

A quite ridiculous article from Liberty & Solidarity arguing for socialists to adopt capitalist person management methods. Reproduced for entertainment purposes only.

"Greedy bankers": a facebook argument preserved for posterity

WSM posters, Dublin

By popular demand, a facebook argument over the pictured posters.

Local policy framework - Praxis

Class struggle: unfortunately more complicated than a game of warhammer

Anarchist group Praxis's supposedly "realistic" programme to be implemented by 2010.