The era of riots (update)

This is an introduction and update to the text "The transitional phase of crisis: The era of riots" by Greek communist group Blaumachen.

The transitional phase of the crisis: the era of riots

In December 2010-January 2011 the Arab-African revolt burst, and it turns out that it is going to be the historical catalyst for entering the ‘era of riots’, the transitional stage of this crisis. The reproduction crisis of the proletariat, and thus of capitalism, is defined as an important structural element of this period.

The era of riots has started…

The era of riots has started…

Leaflet circulated on 23 February 2011 in the general strike demonstrations in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece.

Debate between Blaumachen and Internationalist Perspective

A debate with Internationalist Perspective

We present two texts that constitute a small debate between Blaumachen and two comrades from the journal Internationalist Perspective. Our comrades from IP have written a critique of our main article on the Greek riots of December 2008 that was published in the third issue of Blaumachen. Our response can be found here, just below their text.

The historical production of the revolution of the current period - Blaumachen

The historical production of the revolution of the current period

This is a summary in english of an extended text under the same title originally published in Blaumachen #4 in June 2010. Posted online on December 27th 2010, taken from Blaumachen's website.

Let the occupations become time-barricades - Group against work (waged or unwaged)

Leaflet distributed in Athens and Thessaloniki by the 'Group against work (waged or unwaged)' during the 2006 student movement, criticizing the various leftist groups and introducing the 'social wage [minimum income]' demand. Posted online on June 30th 2006, taken from the Blaumachen website.

2005-06 The rebellion of young proletarians in France - interview

Assembly of an anti-CPE occupation

Three years on, Greek communist group Blaumachen interviews Jeanneneton, a participant in the movement against the labour liberalisation law CPE. Posted online on November 9th 2009, taken from Blaumachen's website.

December 2008, Greece: An attempt to detect the power and the limits of our struggle - Blaumachen

Greece unrest

A thorough account of the December 2008 rebellion in Greece. Posted online on July 1st 2009, taken from Blaumachen's website.

Memories of the Future

Programmatically on “images of the future” emerged during the December uprising in Greece and further perspectives of the proletarian movement. An analisys from the Class War Group (aka Tridni Valka; Czech Republic).

Greece unrest: Like a winter with a thousand Decembers - TPTG/Blaumachen

Reflections on the recent unrest in Greece; "The rise of new organisational forms and contents of struggle is being discussed by all the insurgent elements"...