State, social movements and unions in El Alto, Bolivia

Figures in balaclava in front of red banner with homemade rocket launcher

An excerpt from El Alto, Rebel City on organisation among market traders, the informally-employed and community organisations in the notably militant Bolivian city.

Announcing @latinlibnews: keeping you up to speed on Latin America in 140 characters

Announcing a new Twitter account that will provide irregular and brief updates on social movements and news of interest to libertarian communists in Latin America.

The War on Democracy (Documentary)

The War On Democracy was John Pilger's first for cinema. It explores the current and past relationship of Washington with Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile.

Anti-capitalism or anti-imperialism? Interwar authoritarian and fascist sources of a reactionary ideology: The case of the Bolivian MNR

Loren Goldner's detailed account and analysis of the Bolivian Revolutionary Nationalist Movement (MNR) which was the key player in the 1952 national revolution, and which was supported by the left despite its pro-fascist, corporatist tendencies.

From coca to capital: free trade cocaine

John Barker on the 'War on Drugs', unequal free trade legislation, and their relationship with capitalism and its woes more broadly.

Indefinite general strike in Bolivia continues

In spite of condemnation from the "socialist" government of Evo Morales, the general strike launched on May 4 against a 5% wage cap continues.

Bolivia - further reading guide

libcom's guide to further reading around Bolivian history and workers' struggles.

Morales vrs Bolivia’s opposition: the proletariat always loses

Bolivian anarchists on politics in the state as Morales tried to change the constitution in 2008, much to the consternation of the local landed gentry.

Bolivia: class struggle and social crisis

Pamphlet looking at the class struggle in Bolivia underlying the struggle between Evo Morales and the oligarchy.

Bolivian union disapproves of Morales' negotiations with fascists

Evo Morales.

The Central Obrera Boliviana sees no value in the current dialogue between the indigenous-peasant government and the separatist oligarchy. The president is urging the fascist governors to sign a grand national accord in the next four to five days. From the commune, translated from the Spanish from Econoticias Bolivia