Morales vrs Bolivia’s opposition: the proletariat always loses

Bolivian anarchists on politics in the state as Morales tried to change the constitution in 2008, much to the consternation of the local landed gentry.

Bolivia: class struggle and social crisis

Pamphlet looking at the class struggle in Bolivia underlying the struggle between Evo Morales and the oligarchy.

Bolivian union disapproves of Morales' negotiations with fascists

Evo Morales.

The Central Obrera Boliviana sees no value in the current dialogue between the indigenous-peasant government and the separatist oligarchy. The president is urging the fascist governors to sign a grand national accord in the next four to five days. From the commune, translated from the Spanish from Econoticias Bolivia

Bolivian miners strike against Morales pension reform

Huanuni miners.

The Bolivian government has lost over $1.5 million due to a strike at the country's largest tin mine, Huanuni, where workers are demanding a deeper pension reform.

Bolivia: roads blocked by strikers and protesters

Thousands of striking miners from the Huanani mine have been forming road blocks since Tuesday to protest against government inaction.

Worker self-management in historical perspective, 1950-2006

A worker of Argentina's self-managed Brukman plant

A brief history of the movement for workers' self-management in the 20th and 21st centuries. Examines instances of workers' control in Yugoslavia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and contemporary Argentina.

Is Latin America really turning left?

James Petras examines recent social movements and developments in the class struggle in Latin America.

Bolivian military take control of airports to break strike

Bolivian military and police forces have taken control of four main airports, aiming to break an airline workers' strike in major cities.

Bolivia - struggles continue under socialist Morales

Despite the election of Evo Morales from the Movement for Socialism as President of Bolivia, several strikes are in process and the persecution of the landless movement MST continues under the new regime.