Carl Harp

Queer Fire: The George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism, and Gay Struggle Against Prison

A collection of histories, speeches, and interviews with members of The George Jackson Brigade and Men Against Sexism. These stories give inspiration for the multiform queer struggle against prison, capitalism, and the state. This zine was compiled by Untorelli Press, and an audio version is available from Resonance Distro.

Criticism and Analysis of the Political Statement of the George Jackson Brigade from the Anarchist Angle - Carl Harp

An anarchist critique of the politics of the George Jackson Brigade, written by Carl Harp of the Anarchist Black Dragon collective and published by the rest of the group after his death.

Walla Walla Prison Revolt Continues (1979)

An article from Fifth Estate about the continuing struggle at Walla Walla/Washington State Pentitentiary after the May 1979 uprising. Content warning for discussions of extreme violence and state brutality.

Anarchist Black Dragon

An archive of Anarchist Black Dragon, a publication produced by the anarchist communist prisoner Carl Harp and others held at Washington State Penitentiary from around 1978-1982. Taken from the collection at the Anarchist Black Dragon noblogs site.

Bread & Roses #6 (February-March 1980)

Issue #6 of Bread & Roses, with articles on council cuts under Thatcher, a critical rank-and-file perspective on a national engineering dispute, the benefits system, Thatcher's policies, solidarity with Soviet workers, the Pope's visit to Glasgow, a Glasgow free school, Glasgow council housing, the limits of trade unionism, population control, the demolition of a mural in Battersea, a brutal attack by prison guards on US anarchist prisoner Carl Harp, and more.