Solidarity motor bulletin #08: Chrysler workers beware!

Peugeot Sochaux plant, 1970s

Subtitled "mergers can be harmful to your health", this Solidarity motor bulletin was aimed at Chrysler workers in the UK and Europe on the eve of their takeover by Peugeot/Citroen. It describes the situation for workers in Peugeot plants in France, how they squeeze high productivity out of their workers and how they combat workers' struggles.

Yes the present hour is very severe at least

May Day 2013 leaflet by Groupe Express-Roularta, Paris.

Temp workers' strike at Citroen, France, 2007

Mouvement Communiste on a short wildcat strike of agency worker's in France in 2007.

A new kind of strike in France (Citroën etc.), 2005

Strike at Citroën Aulnay, 2005

Citroen Action Committee - I

Citroen plant occupied by its workers

A short account of the Citroen Action Committee in the May 68 uprising, by Fredy Perlman.