Common Sense

Common Sense Journal - Who were they?

Common sense was the journal of the Edinburgh conference of Socialist Economics . The magazine produced articles along the lines of Open and Autonomist Marxism

The Politics of Debt

This paper was presented to the CSE Scotland conference on The State, the Poll
Tax and Class Struggle held on 27th January 1990. It is very much the product
of discussions within the CSE Edinburgh group.

The theory and history of the mass worker in Italy - Sergio Bologna

Fiat workers.

Sergio Bologna on workers' historiography, first published in Common Sense no.11/12 in 1987.

Workers' Struggles And The Capitalist Counter-Offensive Under National Socialism

Workers at a Nazi engineering labour camp

Elisabeth Behrens writes on the Nazis' use of force and racial and national stratifications amongst workers to divide up and crush the working class.

Notes on Class

Richard Gunn's notes offer a lucid contribution to the attempt of elaborating what is meant when the concept "class" is employed in Marxist thought.

1990-1992: Britain and the politics of the European exchange rate mechanism

Prime Minister John Major with Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont

Werner Bonefeld's detailed analysis of Britain's involvement in the European exchange rate mechanism, out of which it famously crashed in 1992.

No politics without inquiry!

This article is a direct appeal for like-minded people to come together in a project of shared political work. The idea is: to muster all available forces to work on a militant class-composition study project. This is to inform, and to be the basis of, possible future political organisation.

The Permanance of Primitive Accumulation

Werner Bonefeld's article on primitive accumulation arguing that it is not just a phenomenon relating to the emergence of capitalism but is a necessary element of it, the "social constitution of capitalist social relations".

General intellect - Maurizio Lazzarato

Maurizio Lazzarato's inquiry into the production of informational/cultural content as a commodity.