The Commune

The workers’ inquiry: what’s the point?

Joe Thorne looks at the history of the “workers’ inquiry” idea: from Marx, to Italy in the 1960s, to the present day. This fairly long article touches on debates amongst those influenced by operaismo about how we should relate to the modern workplace.

Bakunin, Marx and the state - Barry Biddulph

The following has been taken from the Commune website and was the introduction to a joint meeting they did with the Communist Workers Organisation (CWO/ICT) at the Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair. Audio of the meeting can be found here.

All out at Preston Remploy

Mark Harrison visited Remploy pickets taking part in a national strike this morning.

Is SYRIZA a workers’ government in waiting?

Barry Biddulph disagrees with British Trotskyist group Workers Power and their view of the viability of a 'workers government' initiated by the Greek socialist party, SYRIZA.

French and Greek voters seek a way out of austerity - Adam Ford

Adam Ford discusses the recent elections in Europe.

Wukan peasant victory sets stage for Chinese turmoil

Adam Ford reports on the Wukan rebellion and asks what it means for the future of social struggles in China

All eyes on Oakland as the struggle continues

Donagh Davis reports from Occupy Oakland on how things have developed, from the shooting of Scott Olsen, the strike, the shutting down of the port, up to the violence surrounding the occupation of a building this morning.

15th October 2011: Birth of a global anti-capitalist movement?

Adam Ford argues that the #Occupy movement represents a historic moment in the fight against austerity.

Electricians occupy site in Farringdon

On Wednesday 21st September at 7.30am, hundreds of electricians briefly occupied a building site in protest at attempts to cut their pay and conditions. Siobhan Breathnach wrote this account for the commune.

From Arab spring to Israeli summer

Young people are demanding affordable housing

Adam Ford writes on the wave of protest sweeping across Israel, where hundreds of thousands of people are standing up to high rents and low wages.