Direct Action #32A (July 1986)

Issue #32 of Direct Action, with articles on South Africa, Chernobyl, Richard Dawkins and The Selfish Gene, the environment, capitalism and food, a report from the IWW's international conference, Spanish dockers' struggles, a docks occupation in Gibraltar, repression against the CNT, rank-and-file revolt in the 1960s, a debate over an article on education from #31, sackings of militants at Donaldson Filters, attacks on travellers, and a special feature on Spain 1936 and report from Spain 50 years on.

Liberation #05 (Jul-Aug 1987)

Issue #5 of Liberation, with articles on Thatcherism after the 1987 election, reports of anti-fascist action in Leicester, public order in Northern Ireland, coal redistribution in Wales, the Midlands Trader print dispute, the Ardbride/Laura Ashley dispute, the Labour party and the limits of its anti-racism, reproductive rights, gay autonomy, state violence, anarchist organisation, international news including riots in East and West Berlin, Urguayan anarchists organising, and the Spanish dockers' Coordinora, and more.

Liberation #02 (c1986)

Issue #2 of Liberation, with articles on Wapping, Prince Andrew's wedding, police infiltration, Spain 1936, military intervention in Libya, international news from France, Chile and Spain, BBC radio cuts, attacks on travelling communities, and more.

Spanish dockworkers, Brexit, and the European Union

Spanish dockworkers have sucessfully fought back against the EU's inherent neoliberalism. Lessons abound.

Coordinadora - Spanish dock workers build union without bureaucrats

Article by Don Fitz about the Coordinadora Estatal de Trabajadores del Mar, a Spanish dock workers union, which is very uncritical, but contains useful information.