Did Lenin Distort Marx?

Socialist Standard April 1970

Debate between Steve Coleman (the Socialist Party of Great Britain) arguing 'Yes' and Monty Johnstone (Communist Party of Great Britain) arguing 'No', taking place at Islington Central Library, London on 11 November 1982. Full audio recording also available online.

Poor Lenin - Bob Darke

The Communist Technique book

Extracts from the 1952 book "The communist technique in Britain" by a former leading member of the Communist Party exposing their authoritarian, power-seeking methods.

Left-wing communism in Britain 1917-21...An infantile disorder? - Bob Jones

A survey of the anti-parliamentarist communist movement in Britain during and after WWI, and the effects of Comintern/Bolshevik directives on the efforts at organisational unity.

1920: The Communist Party - Provisional Resolutions towards a Programme

Pankhurst's programme for the new British Communist Party was expressive of the "ultra-left" tendency that criticised working within the existing bourgeois structures of trade union bureaucracies and parliamentary parties. Lenin, in his counter-revolutionary manual "Left Wing Communism - An Infantile Disorder", defended such reformist policies as he criticised Pankhurst and other "ultra-lefts".