DSA (Democratic Socialist of America)

Left Nationalism and Support for Imperialist War in the United States

Article from 1919 (mcmxix.org), the new journal of the North American affiliates of the ICT.

The Green New Deal and the “rank-and-file strategy” - Gregory Butler

Gregory Butler argues that the DSA and Jacobin’s “rank-and-file strategy” in the construction industry consists mostly in pushing policy from above, leaving out worker concerns and worker organizing. This article was first published by Organizing Work.

North American Anarchist Vol. 1, No. 5, June/July 1980

Issue #5 of North American Anarchist, with articles on the anti-nuclear movement, crisis in the auto industry, the Cold War heating up, anarchism and Leninism, reports from anti-nuke actions, Luisa Capetillo, anarchist feminist notes, the growth of the DSOC (which would become the DSA), bargaining at Canada Post, reviews, anarchism in Greece, prison news and the Kamalla Miller case, the need to fight labour laws, AFL-CIO head Lane Kirkland's shady connections, repression in China, the failure of the Quebec independence referendum, controversy over separatism at a Bay Area feminist concert, and more.

Crisis and Mobilisation in the UK

A proposition for how Marxists, communists and anarchists could, or perhaps should, consider the challenge of building dual-power, and counter-institutions in the UK. - reposted on request of the author from https://medium.com/@aralkosig/crisis-and-mobilisation-in-the-uk-a51ebe57b39c

Socialism is not Statism

A spectre haunts the world today. It is the spectre of “socialism”. Commentators of left and right, of reactionary or reformist inclination, agree that “after three decades in the wilderness, socialism is back.”

Brief comments on the Libertarian Socialist Caucus’ 2018 platform

Democratic Socialists of America-Libertarian Caucus banner

Some brief, preliminary comments on the new platform released by the Democratic Socialists of America-Libertarian Socialist Caucus. A good sign, but should there be more?

Interview with the DSA Communist Caucus

libcom interviews the DSA Communist Caucus.

DSA Communist Caucus: Our Statement

DSA Communist Caucus banner

We’re a newly formed DSA caucus. We’ve written this public statement to clarify what we are all about, and what we would like to do. We are currently based out of the East Bay DSA, but we hope to begin organizing with comrades everywhere!

Charlottesville terror attack inspires collective action

Community expressed solidarity in Charlottesville day after attack

When white supremacists descended on Emancipation Park on the morning of August 12th it was immediately clear that the event had little to do with their stated interest in preserving the statue memorializing Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

Democratic Socialists of America & Libertarian Socialism

1983 Debate from the Workers Solidarity Alliance magazine "ideas & action" on whether or not anarcho-syndicalists and libertarian socialists should participate in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

From issue # 3, Spring 1983