endangered phoenix

Death of a Walrus

Published at the beginning of 1981, shortly after his assassination, this is a text on the death of John Lennon, whose subject is not Lennon himself, but the great lamenting public.
The photo here is of Lennon as a kid.

1986-1987: France goes off the rails

The picture here was produced as part of a leaflet by vocational students working at LEP electronics.

Documents about and analysis of the mass workers struggles of students and workers in France from November 1986 to January 1987.

For a dignified and effective demonstration

The following was handed out at a demo against the increase in London's fares by the House of Lords in 1982. At the top were the photos on the left, with the words ‘Correct’ under the photo of Cliff Richard, and ‘Incorrect’ under the photo of the wolf.

"Shakespeare was a fake!" horror shock!

A kind of jokey leaflet produced in the autumn of 1984 to be handed out for a performance of Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale".

The theming of the countryside

The following article, completed in December 2005, is based on the experience of a relatively short stint living in the rural West Country. This will account for some of its limits. For example, conditions in different areas will vary. It is for others who know what is missing here to fill the gaps, for themselves and others, in their own ways.

No forgiveness: Algeria 2001

In June 2001 Algeria experienced almost an insurrection which progressively spread throughout the whole country. There was nothing in the media about this, so this text, with the title “Ulach smah” (“No forgiveness”), was translated from the French in July 2001 as a contribution to breaking the silence.
The photo on the left is of a riot in Algeria at this time.

The War On Terror

The following text, written in English by some Greek friends (the TPTG), was published in July 2003 as a discussion document. Though it sometimes has some stodgy ultra-leftist phraseology and thinking, it's generally an extremely interesting summary and analysis of some important aspects of the present epoch such as the ideology of zero tolerance and the dissolution of Keynesianism.
The so-so joke on the left was produced at the end of June 2005

The Despotism of Speed

This was published in the early 90s by someone in or around the Encyclopaedie des Nuisances, at the time of the vast extension of the TGV (fast-speed railway) into all parts of France.

Can't Buy Me Love

First published in Berkeley,California in the mid-1970s, by someone close to the situationist-influenced group For Ourselves, this takes a brief look at some of the miseries of the couple, taking a swipe at the family and at encounter groups and psychologists on the way.

Looks Like We Got Ourselves A Convoy

Internationally and within the UK, fuel protests come and go, but the one time such protests seriously posed a threat - in many ways unintentionally - to the Economy and the State was in the autumn of 2000 (this is not to say they couldn't also pose a serious challenge in the future, though it seems very unlikely that such a challenge will come from the UK). This is a text written at the time.