The Final Straw Radio

Alive With Resistance: Diasporic Reflections on the Revolt in Myanmar

A conversation with Geoff Aung, a Burmese American Marxist anthropology Phd candidate at Columbia University living abroad, about the current uprising, repression and revolutionary potentials in Myanmar. This interview was first broadcast by The Final Straw.

Shut Em Down 2021: Jailhouse Lawyers Speak

An interview from the Final Straw Radio with Comrade Chux, a member of Jailhouse Lawyers Speak. JLS is an autonomous network of incarcerated activists from across the so-called US. Chux discusses the call for this year for folks on the outside to engage for Abolition on August 21 and September 9th, Abolition, Black August and other topics. This interview is available as a printable zine.

An Ethiopian Anarchist Perspective on the War in Tigray

An interview from The Final Straw Radio with Anner, an Ethiopian member of Horn Anarchists, an anarchist group based in east Africa. Anner talks about the group, the history of post-Junta Ethiopa, the context of the ongoing armed conflict in Tigray, the fighting factions and the displacement and violence suffered by residents of the region. Content warning: this article contains a discussion of sexual violence in the conflict.

Swinging Pendulum: A Discussion on Corporate Social Media, Deplatforming and the Liberal Security State

A discussion on the silencing of far right platforms and accounts, how similar moves have silenced the anti-authoritarian left, and the importance of building our own platforms and infrastructure. This interview with representatives from It's Going Down and Crimethinc was originally broadcast by the Final Straw Radio, and is available as a PDF for both reading and printing.

Coming out of isolation stronger: advice from a long-term prisoner

Advice from long-term anarchist prisoner Sean Swain about strategies for coping with isolation during quarantine. This was originally broadcast by the Final Straw Radio Show and is also available at Sean Swain's site.

El Salvador: An Anarcha-Feminist Perspective

An interview with an anarcha-feminist organizer from El Salvador, conducted by the Final Straw Radio Show. An audio version of this interview can be heard here.