Friedrich Nietzsche

Rebellion: Made up of Dreams and Dynamite #1.02

Rebellion: Made up of Dreams and Dynamite #1.02 cover

Rebellion: Made up of Dreams and Dynamite Vol. I No. 2 (April, 1915). New Orleans, LA. Digitized from microfilm. Document has OCR.

Volume 10 Issue 5

Mother Earth Vol. X. No. 5 (July, 1915). Sourced from Greenwood Reprint Corporation's 1968 republication of Mother Earth in their Radical Periodicals in the United State 1890-1960 series, digitized by Google and uploaded to HathiTrust. Document has 100% OCR.

Volume 7 Issue 12

Mother Earth Vol. VII. No. 12 (February, 1913). 395–396.

Volume 5 Issue 6

Vol. V AUGUST, 1910 No.6

Towards a futurology of the present - Marco Cuevas-Hewitt

Marco Cuevas-Hewitt outlines an emerging practice amongst radical writers; one entailing an attentiveness to intimations of alternative futures arising in the present. This "futurology of the present", as he calls it, represents a significant break with the hackneyed jeremiads and manifestos of earlier political generations, which limit themselves either to a simple negation of the present or to the authoritarian prescription of an idealised future. Delving into questions around the role of artists and writers in social movements and wider society, Cuevas-Hewitt's goal is a re-imagining of radical politics and a re-tooling of radical writerly practice.