Gasera Journal

Three Stars and a Sun [bahay kubo kahit munti]

An introduction to antistatism and antinationalism for a Philippine audience.

Sketches of an Archipelagic Poetics of Postcolonial Belonging

An non-state and non-nationalist sketch for the archipelago known as the Philippines.

Sino ang “Totoong Aktibista”? Sino ang Totoong Rebelde?

Who is a “real activist”? Who is a real rebel? The militancy of the Black Bloc and the role of property destruction in campaigns and movements in the international activist community.

Ang Potensyal na Anarkistang Tendensiya ng Diliman Commune

Art piece commemorating the First Quarter Storm

An analysis of the potential for anarchist tendencies in the Diliman Commune, a student uprising against the Marcos Administration.

Gasera Journal #1 - January 2012

This filipino publication is a product of a collaborative effort of various individuals and collectives involved in different activities such as community-based workshops, round-table discussions, fora, publications, graffiti, pickets, gigs, and other solidarity campaigns. They are those who you can classify (loosely) as anarchists, anti-authoritarians and autonomous activists.