Georges Sorel

The Socialist Future of the Syndicates - Georges Sorel

Georges Sorel

Sorel's 1898 text, the Socialist Future of the Syndicates, is often referred to as his most directly syndicalist work. At this point a committed, albeit unique Marxist, Sorel gives an assessment of trade unions as a vehicle for revolutionary politics. Reproduced for reference, not out of agreement.

Reflections on Violence (1908) - Georges Sorel

A philosophical work published in 1908 by the French revolutionary syndicalist Georges Sorel. Sorel argues that the success of the proletariat in class struggle depended on the creation of a catastrophic and violent revolution achieved through a general strike. Many of the ideas within would later influence fascists and as well as socialists. This version was translated and edited by Jeremy Jennings for the 'Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought' series (pub. 1999).

Anti-Jewish trends in French revolutionary syndicalism

Edmund Silberner on antisemitism among some key figures of the syndicalist movement in France.

Georges Sorel - Larry Portis

Georges Sorel

Larry Portis' full biography of French revolutionary syndicalist Georges Sorel.

A Non-dogmatic approach to Marxism

Korsch discusses the meaning and use of Marxist dialectics via a surveys of articles by himself, Sorel and Lenin.