Guerre de Classe

The Paris Commune: revolution and counterrevolution in Paris in 1870-1871

This is a draft translation in English of the book "La Commune de Paris – Révolution et contre-révolution à Paris en 1870-1871" in its first publication in French in 2011 under the name "Des Communards".

Collateral damage in Syria and Iraq

Reported civilian and ‘friendly fire’ deaths from Coalition airstrikes 2015

Syria: the struggle continues - “day of rage against Al-Qaeda & Assad”


Article about the Syria conflict as protesters in Syria call for a "day of rage" against Assad and Islamic fundamentalists in the opposition movement.

Revolution in Rojava? - La Oveja Negra

We publish here a contribution (we have also translated from Spanish to French, English and Czech) synthesizing a series of critical discussions on the events in Rojava. This text comes from militants claiming to adhere to anarchism, based in Rosario, Argentina, and it was originally published in their bulletin La Oveja Negra [The Black Sheep].

For the real class solidarity with the “refugee” and “immigrant” proletarians!

A call for solidarity with migrants and refugees, amidst the deepening crisis.

Syriza, Podemos, Left Front… May capital's far left die!

Critique of some contemporary far left political parties.

Kampuchea Takes the Socialist Road

UPDATE: Introduction...
In "Anti-War" last publication, he/she/they provided some interesting links to some texts to read about a bunch of "useful idiots" and other academics who praised these last decades the most of the biggest impostures in history: USSR, China, Vietnam, Kampuchea, North Korea, etc. As I thought (may be wrongly) that only a few of readers would make the effort to click on each of those links, here I publish one of these texts. It's the interview of Dan Burstein about its visit to Kampuchea in 1978.

More texts about Rojava

“Rojava Revolution”? “Anti-State”? "Anti-Capitalist”? Or a new imposture?

In Rojava: people's war is not class war

Text “In Rojava: People’s War is not Class War”, which you can read below, represents a contribution of “Internationalist Communist Tendency” (ICT) to a debate that has been taking place in certain circles claiming “anti-capitalist struggle” since several weeks. The central points of this discussion are current events in Western Kurdistan, Rojava.