Herman Gorter

Gorter, Herman, 1864-1927 obituary - H. Canne Meijer

Herman Gorter (1864-1927), theoretician of left wing communism

Obituary of Dutch Council communist and poet, Herman Gorter.

The opportunism of the Communist Party of the Netherlands - Hermann Gorter

Hermann Gorter recounts his struggle against the Dutch Communist Party, following its abandonment of internationalist principles and adoption of reformist policies.

The Origins of Nationalism in the Proletariat

An attempt by the Dutch communist in 1915 to explain how the working class of Europe ended up participating in the mass butchery of WWI.

The lessons of the “March action” - Herman Gorter

Herman Gorter

The Lessons of the “March Action” - Gorter’s last letter to Lenin

The Politics of Gorter - Pannekoek

Herman Gorter.

Anton Pannekoek responds in 1952 to criticisms of the politics of his late comrade Herman Gorter.

Why we need the Fourth Communist Workers' International - Herman Gorter (1921)

A topical 1921 article by Gorter that appeared in Sylvia Pankhurst's Workers Dreadnought.

The World Revolution, 1924

A 1924 article for Sylvia Pankhurst's Workers Dreadnought.

Open letter to comrade Lenin - Herman Gorter

Gorter responds with radical criticism to the reformist programme advocated by Lenin - i.e., for European communists to work within their Parliaments and existing unions.