Internationalist Perspective

Interview: the situation of left communism today

Loren Goldner's interview with the Korean Socialist Workers' Newspaper Group (SaNoShin), November-December 2007.

This is What Democracy Looks Like: Internationalist Perspective statement on the US Election

IP statement on the US elections, published on November 22 2016 on their blog.

Communization theory and the abolition of the value-form - Internationalist Perspective

Text by Mac Intosh in 'Internationalist Perspective' No. 57 (Fall/Winter 2012) on communisation.

The world as we see it: reference points - Internationalist Perspective

A 'reference text' for the group and publication Internationalist Perspective.

Trade unions: pillars of capitalism - Internationalist Perspective

Interesting set of articles debating the nature of unions in capitalist society and how revolutionary workers should relate to them, from a pro-working class, left communist perspective.

Towards a Critique of the Democratic Form (Draft) B. York

This text was written for discussion within the Internationalist Perspectives group. Its premise is that the democratic form is structured by the alienated form of value. It origins and its expansion have always been linked to the preservation of private property and later the production of value. Even in its working class variations, democracy is still a technology of power that presupposes the individual defined as an abstract set of rights. Democracy here is conceived as the substrate of all political forms including dictatorships and fascism itself.

Islamic fundamentalism: Religious fanaticism to reinforce the state

Taliban fighter

1990 article by Internationalist Perspective on Islamic fundamentalism not as a mediaeval religious phenomenon but as a modern statist one. We do not agree with elements of this article related to "decadence" but believe it to be interesting nonetheless.

Debate between Blaumachen and Internationalist Perspective

A debate with Internationalist Perspective

We present two texts that constitute a small debate between Blaumachen and two comrades from the journal Internationalist Perspective. Our comrades from IP have written a critique of our main article on the Greek riots of December 2008 that was published in the third issue of Blaumachen. Our response can be found here, just below their text.

Artificial scarcity in a world of overproduction: an escape that isn't

The one strategy open to crisis-ridden capitalism that doesn't risk class antagonism is the creation of artificial scarcity through regimes of intellectual property. Sander explains, however, that the ‘production of innovation' is no replacement for the production of value.

Don't talk about the danger of war - unless you are prepared to speak about capitalism! - Internationalist Perspective

Article by Internationalist Perspective on the inevitably capitalist aspects of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq