Iran-Iraq war

Direct Action #42 (September 1987)

Issue #42 of Direct Action, with articles on a strike support group conference, strikes by Frickley miners and London bus drivers, an occupation at Salford Plastics, state racism and the immigration system, reproductive rights, Reagan's "Star Wars" plans, anti-deportation campaigns, union "broad lefts" holding back action, the Midlands Trader dispute, a meat factory occupation in County Antrim, the COBAS movement in Italy, the CNT struggle in Puerto Real, a Wall Street Journal article on slowdowns, the Iran-Iraq War, a report of a tour about the Mujeres Libres and a play about Emma Goldman, repression against South African unionists and more.

Direct Action #38 (April 1987)

Issue #38 of Direct Action, with articles on direct action vs trade union inaction in the Laura Ashley/Ardbride dispute, a rank and file garment workers movement in the north east, a strike at Keetons in Sheffield, the effects of living in a class-divided society, the limits of the official TUC women's conference, the politics of boycotts after Paul Simon played South Africa, the re-emergence of Greek anarchism, benefit cuts attacking mothers, the Iran-Iraq water, repression after the Broadwater Farm riots, workers' control, a review of Scotswood Road by Jimmy Forsyth, the credit/debt boom and more.

On July 3rd remember Iran Air 655 and the true meaning of "American Exceptionalism"

Iranian children throw flowers into the sea as they commemorate the 24th anniver

Every July 3rd we pass over a notable chapter in our history of "American Exceptionalism". This year marks 28 years since the US downing of Iran Air 655 killing all 290 people on board.

A look at Lockerbie: Iran Air Flight 655

The tragic story of the Lockerbie bombing begins in Iran, with the US downing of Iranian Air Flight 655 killing 290. Part 1 of a multi-part series.

War of the rentier states - Eqbal Ahmad

Iranian soldiers.

Eqbal Ahmad sums up the discussion on the Iran-Iraq war.

The struggle against Iranian fascism begins with the struggle against Iranian Bolshevism - The Red Menace

Analysis of the political situation in Iran following the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1988.

The Socialist Workers Party on the Iran-Iraq war, 1987

Support: Ayatollah Khomeini

Brief extracts from Socialist Worker, which illustrate the SWP's support for Iran during the Iran-Iraq war.