Jack Common

Common's luck - a film on Jack Common by John Mapplebeck

Jack Common

Jack Common wrote brilliant novels, film scripts and essays of radical social comment, all rooted in his early 20th century working class Geordie upbringing. Later a friend of George Orwell, he led a life of literary obscurity and persistent material poverty, but left us some of the most perceptive commentary and description of working class life of his time. His novels (or, more accurately, autobiographies in novelistic form) also offer some of the best recollections of life unfolding through the eyes of a child.

Common Words and the Wandering Star, by Keith Armstrong

Tom Jennings is grateful for this comprehensive documentation of its author’s efforts to keep Jack Common’s legacy alive

Jack Common - selected articles

A selection of articles by the undeservably obscure Jack Common, a Geordie who wrote both novels and essays on various aspects of culture and class relations. His friend George Orwell had written of Common: "he is of proletarian origin, and much more than most writers of this kind he preserves his proletarian viewpoint".