John E Jacobsen

The Fog of Election Day

John E Jacobsen on the 2010 US mid-term elections.

Obama administration takes strong stance against pot legalization

Once again, President Obama’s administration is standing in the way of pro-working class, civil rights legislation. In response, the Democratic Party’s base is dropping out from under them. In order to offset the lost votes, Obama and the democrats are doing everything they can to get their base motivated – everything except listening to them.

Organizing for America and the “Enthusiasm Gap”

WASHINGTON — Democrats desperately need other Democrats – to vote. – Liz Sidoti, of the Huffington Post

The 2010 Senate elections are barely a month away, and Democrats across the country are getting worried.

In a new poll released last month by Public Policy Polling, Quantifying the Enthusiasm Gap, pollsters have found that in 10 key Senate and gubernatorial races across the country, Republicans are leading by wider margins.

Been there, done that - a look at the US banking "reform"

Your pay, sir.

There’s a reason American workers aren’t paying much attention to the new financial regulations. And no, it isn’t out of “apathy.”

Eleven workers die amidst oil spill that can be seen from space

The Explosion in the Gulf was massive.

Eva Rowe’s parents were among the 15 who died that day in Texas City: “A worker who actually worked at the plant collapsed to the floor crying, telling me he was so sorry that he couldn’t find my parents, that he’d been looking for them since the explosion happened. So then I knew,” she recalled.

“My parents were my best friends, they’re all I had. My life ended that day. BP ruined my life. It ended my life. That day I had to start all over.”

U.S. CARD Act demonstrates the brankruptcy of Progressivism

Perhaps one of the greatest failures of progressives in the United States today is their insistence on our continued participation in elections and lobbying.