John Zerzan

Do Or Die #5 1995

The "apocalypse, recuperation and resistance issue" of Do Or Die including: Pollock Free State, resistance to M65 extension in the North of England, regional round up, Reclaim The Streets actions in London, international news, Biodiversity threats, Bougainville, David Bellamy exposed!, Critical Mass, Shoreham: live exports and community defence, Feral by John Zerzan, Special Branch harass ALF Press Office and Green Anarchist (early GANDALF), letters, publication reviews, prisoners.

North American Anarchist Vol. 1, No. 6, August/September 1980

Issue #6 of the North American Anarchist, with articles on an anti-postering law in Vancouver, the Sandinista victory in Nicaragua, Pink Floyd's "The Wall", Sam Dolgoff on anarcho-syndicalism, the situation in Iran, strikes in Poland, the Kamalla Miller case, direct action against pesticides in New Brunswick, reviews including The Shining and Cienfugeos Press Anarchist Review, an article on Albania, aliens, crisis in the auto industry, an ACF-NA conference, a critique of John Zerzan's ideas, an Italian state crackdown on the "Anarchismo" journal around Alfredo Bonanno and Jean Weir, and more.

Against Civilization - John Zerzan

The anthology 'Against Civilization', first published in 1999 by Uncivilized Books, is a well-regarded primer to anti-civ thought. For communists, it contains some valuable texts that are worth reflecting on.

Trade unionism or socialism: the revolt against work - John Zerzan

Trade Unionism or Socialism

'Trade Unionism or Socialism - the revolt against work' was published by Solidarity in 1976. (Solidarity pamphlet No. 47).

It contained two articles by John Zerzan. The first of those articles 'Organised labour versus the revolt against work' is in the library already. This is the other article and Solidarity's introduction.

Time and its discontents - John Zerzan

Essay tracing the rise of the clock over the concept of time, and the possibilities of a world without watches or work.

Psychoanalysis, Freud, Civilization and Capitalism

Is Freud right when he claimed that psychoanalysis is concerned with ‘social phenomenon’ including politics?

John Zerzan and the primitive confusion - En Attendant

French communist group En Attendant's critique of two key text by anarcho-primitivist John Zerzan.

John Zerzan and the primitive confusion, by En Attendant - Paul Petard

Contented: cavemen happily deciding not to develop language or symbolic culture

Paul Petard reviews a pamphlet criticising the primitivism of John Zerzan.

Organized labor versus "the revolt against work" - John Zerzan

UAW sit-down strike in Flint, 1937

Article examining the role of unions in the exploitation of workers, focussing in particular on the US car manufacturing industry from the 1930s to 1970s.

The economy is suffering...let it die - Treason pamphlet

Treason pamphlet collecting articles from David Watson, Guerra Sociale, John Zerzan and others. While we do not agree with all of it we reproduce for reference.