Larry Law

Spectacular Times 08-09: skeleton Keys (Double Issue reprint)

A reprint of the eighth issue coupled with the ninth issue collective called Skeleton Keys.

Spectacular Times 08: The Skeleton Key

Eighth Issue of Larry Law's Pocket book series Spectacular Times, Skeleton Key.

Spectacular Times 07: Women and the Spectacle

Seventh Issue of Larry Law's Pocket Books dealing with Women and the Spectacle. Issues five and six are missing.

Spectacular Times 04: Fin De Spectacle

Issue four of Larry Law's pocket book series.

Spectacular Times

Complete archive of a series of small 'pocketbooks' in the late 1970s/early 1980s entitled 'Spectacular Times' by Larry Law. They serve as a brief introduction to situationist ideas. Each consists of newspaper clippings, quotations, handwritten text by Law and illustrations, all compiled and arranged with great humour!